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When I started boot camp classes in June 2014,


I was never an active or athletic person and I had let my health take a backseat to my 3 young children. One day I decided to make my health a priority and I joined Fitness Fury. I liked going because there were people there from all different age groups and fitness levels. The head trainer/owner, Jen, has such a passion for fitness and nutrition, it’s contagious! I never had to worry about getting in a good workout when I go to Fitness Fury because every class provided such a great mix of cardio and strength moves. I was constantly getting stronger, faster and more fit and I lost 80 pounds in the first 8 months that I joined. I went from not being able to run a short perimeter around a park to running my first 10k in 2017. What I’ve gained from going to bootcamp goes way beyond the gym and physical accomplishments which are too numerous to list, I’ve gained confidence, energy, and I know my overall health’s improved. Fitness changed my life for the better and it is my desire to model this to my kids. I know I wouldn’t have gotten these results on my own. Going to classes with people that care for you and cheer you on keeps you coming back. It’s the best workout place around!

Sarah Gagne

Four years ago this past Fall, I made a decision that has truly changed my life and I haven’t looked back…


A close friend and I were looking for some type of physical activity to “get us through the cold weather” after a season of running and found out about a new gym that had opened in our little town. I had MANY reservations about going to give it a try. I had never been what you would call an athlete and lacked a great deal of confidence when it came to exercise. I always avoided sports as a kid and truly believed that I was not coordinated enough to pursue anything physical. Aside from a very minimal amount of running for fun, I had dismissed exercise from my life out of fear, fear of looking foolish, fear of not being able to keep up with others, fear of exposing my vulnerability.
Looking back, the things that got me through the door that first day were my friend at my side and walking in to the gym owner’s smiling face. Jen has a very warm personality and anyone new to her gym instantly feels her excitement and the belief she has in them. She doesn’t claim to sugar coat anything to a new member but encourages them to try their best, give it time (the first two weeks are critical) and then observe how committed exercise can change you for the better. Any time someone new joins our gym, Jen’s motto “stick and stay, it’s bound to pay” resonates in my head. Truer words could not be spoken. It makes me stop and reflect on the “me” when I started and the “me” now.
My fitness story began with fear but gradually through commitment, Jen’s belief in me and the indescribable sense of community from the members of our gym, it is evolving towards “fearless”. The goals that so many of us have reached are remarkable and if you told me that first day that I would eventually be working to increase the weight of lifts on a barbell or stepping up to the bar to do pull-ups, I would have never believed you. It is so empowering and has carried over to other aspects of my life as well.
Becoming physically fit is an expression of self-love and is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It makes you want to develop better nutritional habits, it gives you energy in your daily life and it arms you with courage to pursue personal goals.
I am so grateful that at this stage of my life (with age 50 just around the corner) that I have found an environment that is helping me to be the best version of myself. It often hits me when I go to leave after a workout how my life is better because of Fitness Fury and I try to make a point to say thanks before I walk out the door. I am forever changed and forever grateful for Jen and our fitness family.

Lana Bergeron

This is probably the scariest post I’ll ever make, but I know I have to make it,


and If it helps even one person -its worth all the fear I have about posting it.
In 15 days, it will have been 1 year since I have started my health journey, and in less than a year I have lost 101 pounds, and changed over half of my body into muscle, dropping my body fat by 25%.
One year ago, everything was different. I was morbidly obese for my age, to the point where everything I did was a challenge. I got winded walking up the stairs from my school, couldn’t lay on my stomach because it would be too hard for me to breathe, and was showing all potential warning signs of diabetes. I hated moving around, I was lazy and attempted to get out of any form of exersice I could. I avoided things where I thought I would have to walk a lot, and ate my feelings daily.
One year ago, I had never looked at a nutrition label, let alone thought about what kinds of food I put into my body. I would eat massive portions, go back up for seconds, thirds, and snacked and snacked, even when I wasn’t hungry. I had no self confidence (which is something that I did not realize until I began my journey), and would try my best to fly as low under the radar as possible, I was a prisoner in my own body.
Almost a year ago, I decided I was done with the life I was living. I remember the day exactly, I had finished eating a massive meal I cooked for myself that could have probably fed three, and had finished a bowl of chocolate ice cream on top of it. I decided that I didn’t like how I felt all the time, how I couldn’t keep up with anyone around me, how I couldn’t fit into any clothes in regular sized store. I didn’t like the fact that I had to worry about my heart giving out on me at such a young age, and I knew that something needed to change, so I decided I wanted to eat healthy and workout. I started out by working out one on one with my mom, until I finally plucked up the courage to join a class of hers – and Ive never looked back.
A flip literally switched, and everything was different this time. I had attempted to lose weight in the past, but constantly made excuses for myself. This time I knew everything would be different. I was doing it for me, and finally putting myself first after trying to hide myself for so long. It has to be self motivated, and this time I was completely, 100% on board with getting healthy, and this time, I was done making excuses.
Making this lifestyle change is the best thing I could have ever done. I had become so complacent with the life I was living that I no longer realized how miserable I had become, and now that I know what a better life I can live, I know I will never go back to how I was before. I now love exercising, and eating healthy – something the old me could have never dreamed of. I feel in control of my life, no longer letting food and my crippling low self confidence control me. Eating healthy and exercising has given me more energy, lowered my anxiety (which used to prevent me from even going into stores alone), given me better focus to the point where I am doing better and school, and given me a drive and determination that I only ever dreamed of having.
I did this all the right way. No skinny teas, supplements, unsustainable low calorie meal plans and hours of cardio – just me eating healthy, whole foods, and exercising at my mom’s gym. I stayed consistent and never gave up, even if I didn’t want to, I just let my fear of becoming that complacent person I used to be motivate me into continuing my journey. I wanted to do this in a sustainable way – truly making lifestyle changes rather than crash-dieting and risking gaining everything I had worked so hard to lose back.
I could have never done this without my mom (Jennifer Bergeron Cassidy), who is the most selfless person I know. She encouraged me the entire way through, educating me, and being patient with me this entire time. I know that without her none of this could have ever happened, and if you are lucky enough to know her you know how amazing she is, and how lucky I am to have her as my mom. Mom – thank you for guiding me, and never losing hope in me, even when I wanted to give up, or got frustrated in my progress, thank you.
To my Fitness Fury family, thank you for always motivating me to work my hardest, and supporting me, and encouraging me every step of the way. Fitness Fury is truly a family, and I am eternally grateful for everything it has provided me. I will never truly be able to put into words how much the Fury has changed me.
This has truly been a transformation change like no other. I have completely changed in all aspects of my life – not just physically. I am so much happier and full of life, with a new sense of mental clarity that I never had before. This is a real-life transformation. One that took a lot of time, effort, determination, and sacrifices. This didn’t happen in four weeks, this didn’t happen because I drank 3 protein shakes a day – this happened because I did it in a healthy, sustainable way, and because I realized that true change takes time.
I have gained a new appreciation for life because of this journey, and while it was no where near easy, this has been the best thing I have and will ever do.
I sometimes get upset, because I think about how long I lived a miserable and unhealthy life for – but I realized that I would have never gained this new appreciation I have, nor would I have ever learned how sweet and amazing changing yourself is.
If you are contemplating going on a journey similar to mine – do it. If you are wondering if you should begin working out – do it. It will give you and teach you so much more than you could ever image, and I am living proof of it. I gave myself a new chance to live life, and I could not be more grateful to myself for doing it. It will be hard, and you will have to make sacrifices – I won’t sugar coat it. But being able to see how far you have come is a feeling like no other, and I promise, will be so worth it in the end.
I may have lost 101 pounds, but I gained an entirely new life – which is so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Mackenzie Cassidy

I didn’t initially want to join Fitness Fury. I was overweight and out of shape.


For years I told myself I was an athlete yet I continually fed my body with unhealthy choices and limited my exercise to minimal efforts. Prior to Fitness Fury I had done workouts but without purpose or desire. During those years I can’t tell you how many times I was injured. Between my hamstrings, back, knees– it wasn’t a good time.
I’ve now been attending Fitness Fury for 4 years and working with passion, drive, intent…. My fitness journey I’ve gone from 250lbs at my largest, down to 220lbs of muscle gained through continuous motivation from the Fitness Fury staff and coach’s. The highly trained (Certified) and motivated staff not only coach, they teach, they focus on goals, pride themselves on proper form and movement so members can confidently attend class without reservation.
The biggest takeaway I’ve had from Fitness Fury is the fitness but realistically the community is easily the best part of the box and what keeps me coming back every week, each day. I’ve made more genuine fitness enthusiastic friends over the last years than I can count.
Make a life changing decision and join the team at Fitness Fury

Dave Green

I have been a member of Fitness Fury for just over 5 years. Jen the owner is a knowledgeable and experienced instructor.


She has created a workout environment with a family feel atmosphere. She promotes that it’s not about your size or your shape but about being fit. The daily workouts are always changing and include both individual and team exercising. A recent sports knee injury affected my ability to participate in the daily workouts. Jen developed a modified workout plan and kept a watchful eye with continuous verbal cues reminding me not to overdo it. I was able to continue going to class, stay active and still feel like a part of the team. Exercising is one way to help manage stress and Jen’s workouts along with her encouragement to do your personal best have made a huge difference for me.
Thanks Jen!

Don Williamson